About Us

GC ARES is a Group of Volunteer Amateur Radio Operators assisting George County Emergency Responders in radio communications for Emergency and Public Service Events. We also welcome the opportunity to assist any organization that is in need of assistance in additional radio operations to aid in logistics or extra eyes and ears during a special event, all no cost to you.. it is a free service. We also promote the radio hobby in other various ways, during joint ventures with other groups or individuals.

We have a 100 watt Fusion VHF repeater and a receive preamp. The repeater frequency is 147.120 (+) PL 136.5, Fusion digital with an antenna at 385 feet. The Fusion repeater is in AMS mode which allows for both analog and digital operation. You can also access the repeater in digital mode by connecting to Wires-X #28327 or by using the X-NET reflector 004 module 69 (SE Mississippi). We also have a DMR 444.200 UHF repeater, ask for details if interested.

The GC ARES Ham Radio Hotline is 601-530-0055